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Quartz Crystals Specialists

SJK, founded in 1989, is a major quartz crystal and crystal oscillator manufacturer in China, and we offer a wide range of trustworthy electronic components including quartz crystal, crystal oscillator, crystal filter, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO, ceramic resonator, ceramic filter and SAW device. These products are of reliable quality, and have been extensively utilized in computers, computer peripherals, digital TVs, cell phones, GPS systems, gaming consoles, IT accessories, home theatre systems, wireless transmission devices, mobile communication devices and other electronic products.

    1. 1612 SMD Crystal

      1612 size ultra miniature and light weight SMD crystal units have advantages of wide frequency output from 24MHz up to 54MHz, high precision and high reliability. This ceramic SMD crystal is applied for wearable device, mobile device, wireless communication, IOT, etc.

    1. 2016 SMD Crystal

      Our surface mount crystal has a frequency range of 20MHz~54MHz, and it possesses good environmental characteristics, such as heat resistance. Aside from these properties, this MHz quartz crystal also exhibits excellent technical performance in the aspects of precision, reliability, aging rate, frequency stability and so on.

    1. 7R 2012 SMD Crystal

      2012 size ultra miniature SMD 32.768kHz crystal with 2 pads surface mount package, which has high precision and reliability, and it is suitable for mobile communications, consumer device, telecommunications, watch, etc.
      A ceramic package with metal lid providing.

    1. 7L 3215 SMD Watch Crystal

      Our product is a miniature crystal with the size of 3.2×1.5mm, and it fits for automatic assembly as well as reflow soldering.
      On the other hand, this surface mount crystal is an eco-friendly device as there is no Pb in it, perfectly meeting the requirements of RoHS.

    1. 2016 SMD Oscillator

      Extremely small 2.0×1.6×0.75mm size SMD seam sealed crystal clock oscillator has advantages of low supply voltage and low current consumption, CMOS level output, high frequency range from 4MHz up to 54MHz.
      2016 SMD oscillator is used for wireless communication, Bluetooth, PC, peripherals, gaming equipment, mobile communication, automotive, wearable device, etc.

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